Student Conduct


Student Conduct 

All Fei Tian students are expected to uphold the highest ethical standards. This value is one of the key components of Fei Tian’s education and reflects the College’s expectation of its students. Fei Tian students are expected to conduct themselves in a truthful, responsible, and respectful manner in all aspects of their lives. 

The Code of Student Conduct serves as the basis and minimum for student conduct.  It contains information related to the university’s jurisdiction over student behavior, academic and non-academic violations, sanctions available when a violation occurs, and information regarding interim suspension.

The complete Code of Conduct can be requested at the Office of Student Affairs.

A partial list of the Code is below:

    1. Exhibit respectful and courteous behavior at all times toward faculty, staff, classmates, guests, and visitors.
    2. Unethical or immoral behavior is prohibited on campus, including public display of intimacy and sexual behavior, commission of an obscene act, or engaging in habitual profanity or vulgarity.​ 
    3. Prompt attendance at classes, conferences, and assemblies.​
    4. Appropriate dress and respect for College standards.​
    5. Observation of quiet time in the campus buildings. The administrative floor, library, and study hall are quiet areas at all times.
    6. Students may not harbor items on campus that are prohibited by law or by the Code of Conduct. These include incendiary materials, knives, and weapons and substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.
    7. Areas designated for staff use only such as, but not limited to, the employee copy room, utility, storage, and maintenance facilities are off limits to students.​
    8. Stealing or any acts of malicious, aggressive, or disruptive behavior are prohibited.
    9. Students are expected to be available to perform in Fei Tian-sponsored performances and concerts.
    10. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a truthful, responsible, and respectful manner in all aspects of their lives and maintain a good image and reputation of the College while on and off campus.

Also, college students at the Middletown Campus must be diligent in maintaining the highest moral character both inside and outside the school environment and are strictly prohibited from engaging in the below outlined prohibited conduct:


College students are prohibited from engaging in any of the following types of prohibited conduct, regardless of whether the conduct occurs on or off College property. Regardless if a Northern or Fei Tian Academy of Arts student participates willingly in an activity, prohibited interactions between College students and Northern or Fei Tian Academy of Arts students (regardless of the student’s age) are a violation of this policy. The following list of prohibited conduct does not, and is not intended to, constitute the entire list of conduct for which discipline may be imposed:

    1. Engaging in any romantic or sexual relationships with students, including dating, flirting, sexual contact, inappropriate physical displays of affection, or sexually suggestive comments between College students and Northern/Fei Tian Academy of Arts students, regardless of whether the College student or the Northern/Fei Tian Academy of Arts student initiates the behavior, or whether the relationship is consensual.
    2. Fostering, encouraging, or participating in inappropriate emotionally or socially intimate relationships with Northern/Fei Tian Academy of Arts students in which the relationship could reasonably cause a Northern/Fei Tian Academy of Arts student to view the College student as more than a student of Fei Tian College at Middletown.
    3. Initiating or continuing communications with Northern/Fei Tian Academy of Arts students for reasons unrelated to any appropriate purpose, including oral, written communication or electronic communications.
    4. Socializing with Northern/Fei Tian Academy of Arts students for reasons unrelated to any appropriate purpose.
    5. Providing any students with alcohol (regardless of age) or drugs-either prescription or illegal.

For policies on sexual and domestic violence, please refer to Policies and Rules Adopted Pursuant to Article 129-B

The College reserves the right to amend any provision of the Code of Conduct at any time in accordance with established College procedures. Communication of any changes will be made to the College community in an appropriate and timely fashion.