Safety & Well-Being

Public Safety Programs

A suite of public safety programs is provided by the Office of Facility Operations in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs. These programs include security patrol, escort, and identification and access services to maintain a safe and secure campus environment that is conducive to learning, working, living, and visiting. A trained staff focuses on crime prevention and investigation, safety education, emergency preparedness, and response and recovery. Safety education awareness programs are conducted for students throughout the academic year.

Campus Safety

Campus security, in collaboration with the Office of Operations, provides services including security patrol, escort, transportation, and identification and access services to maintain a safe and secure campus environment that is conducive to learning, working, living, and visiting.

Students who need security assistance, or who need to report a security incident can contact Campus Security directly:

Tel: (845) 887-0099


Office: D-417A

In case of an emergency, please dial 911.

Student Insurance and Accident Reports

The Office of Student Affairs provides consultations for students in need of insurance and can assist students in purchasing a student insurance plan. All dance students are required to be covered by health insurance.

Accident insurance is provided for all students while involved in College-related activities. Injuries that result from College-related activities must be reported to the faculty or staff member in charge and to the Office of Facility Operations within 24 hours of the time of injury.

Parent/Guardian Notification

As a general rule, and in accordance with rules under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), FTC Middletown communicates directly with students regarding matters that affect their education and lives. When students are experiencing problems, the College may decide to involve parents or guardians as a means of additional assistance and support to the student. The College notifies parents or guardians of a student when he or she is experiencing a medical or psychological emergency. The Director of Student Affairs or a designee will make such contact by telephone, email, or in writing.

Immunization and Health Services

The College requires all students to provide proof of immunity against measles, mumps, and rubella in order to enroll. Students who provide (1) a certificate from a physician stating that in the opinion of the physician such immunization is medically contraindicated; (2) a written statement that such immunization would be contrary to the student’s religious or spiritual beliefs; or (3) a laboratory or medical report documenting immunity will be deemed to have satisfied this requirement.

The Office of Student Affairs provides health education to students, staff, and faculty through publications, information sessions, and counseling.

The Office of Student Affairs also maintains information on the nearest hospitals and other medical facilities. In the event of a medical emergency, students are directed to the nearest hospital emergency room or to call 9-1-1 for an ambulance.

Disability Support Services

In the spirit of the federal and state disabilities laws, the Office of Student Affairs provides disability consultation and coordinates reasonable special accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities, including temporary disabilities due to injury. Disability support services are determined individually based on the disability condition, and may include classroom and testing accommodations such as extended time on assignments or tests, taped or scanned books, disability services referral, and registration assistance.

Counseling and Support

College students may encounter a variety of challenges during their years of study, including separation from family and friends, the transition to adulthood, developing new relationships, and defining and committing themselves to a career path. At the same time, they continue to deepen their understanding of themselves and of life.

The Office of Student Affairs offers a range of services to support students’ emotional and spiritual well-being, from individual counseling sessions, small group sharing, and workshops to off-campus referrals.

The Office of Student Affairs strives to help students to develop the inner strength and resilience needed to handle negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, frustration, and depression. This approach includes prevention and education through counseling, sharing, and organized meditation and group reading sessions.

Individual student counseling sessions are confidential except where a student signs a consent form authorizing disclosure of information to the staff or it is reasonably believed that the safety of the student and/or others is at risk.

Contact the Office of Student Affairs

If you need any assistance regarding wellness and safety, please reach out to the Office of Student Affairs,