Campus life

Office of Student Affairs​

FTC Middletown, through the Office of Student Affairs, coordinates a range of programs and extracurricular activities, to enrich the educational experience and instill a sense of community and campus spirit on which to build lifelong friendships.

Please visit us at Room D4-38, or email us at

Dining and Residential Services

Students who choose campus meal plan will find a daily menu that offers a delicious variety of Asian and Western cuisine. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served with a range of different dishes plus salads, soups, and fresh fruits.  

The Cafeteria at FTC Middletown prides itself on bringing fresh, healthy, and delicious food to our students, faculty, and staff through:

  • Hiring of our own staff and managing the entire process from procurement, storage, and preparing and cooking of the food;
  • Minimal use of processed foods;
  • Welcoming feedback to improve its services

The Office of Student Affairs is available to help students find suitable off-campus accommodations near the campus.

Get Involved!

A higher education at FTC Middletown means more than just earning college credit. It is the entire process of learning that happens inside and outside the classroom, in the special environment created by the College, and as a member of the greater community, that leads to personal and professional growth and characterizes the College experience.

Students have various opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities and student clubs on campus, which complement their programs. Specific campus spaces are dedicated to athletic, recreational, and leisure activities. The College also sponsors performing arts and cultural events. In addition, our academic departments bring visiting artists and speakers to campus throughout the year.