Tuition and Fees


The Office of Student Financial Services is responsible for managing billing, collecting, refunding, and cashiering functions related to studentaccounts.

Undergraduates and Transfer Students

Full-Time Tuition & General Fee for 2022–2023

Full Time (12 to 18 credits per semester) Annually (Fall & Spring) Per Semester
Tuition $31,900 $15,950
General Fee* $1,900 $950

Part-Time Tuition & General Fee for 2022–2023

Part-Time (<12 or >18 credits per semester)                     Per Credit Rate
Tuition $1,300 per credit $X per non-credit course
Summer Courses $900 per credit
General Fee* $590 – 3/4 Time (9 – 11.5 credits) $425 – 1/2 Time (6 – 8.5 credits) $210 – <1/2 Time (0 – 5 credits)

* General Fee Covers:

  1. Enrolment and registration-related services
  2. Technology and lab-related services
  3. Student activities and health activities

Graduate Students

Tuition & General Fee for 2022–2023



Tuition (Full-Time: 9 credits per semester)

$1,300 per credit

Summer Courses

$900 per credit

General Fee*

$590 – Full-Time (9 credits)

$425 – 3/4 Time (6 – 8.5 credits)

$210 – 1/2 Time (0 – 5 credits)

Estimated Cost of Attendance

To assist students in budgeting, Table 4.2A lists the estimated total annual cost of attendance for undergraduates entering in 2022-2023, including tuition and fees, and living and other expenses. The actual total annual cost of attendance will vary depending on how many credits a studenttakes, the student’s personal preferences, and living standards.

Estimated Cost of Attendance (ECA) for 2022-2023

Living Independently



Living At Home with Family


Tuition & Fees1



Tuition & Fees1


Mon-Fri Lunch Meal Plan



Mon-Fri Lunch Meal Plan


Other Estimated Expense


Other Estimated Expense

Books & Supplies



Books & Supplies


Personal Expense



Personal Expense


Housing & Utilities2



Housing & Utilities2












Total Expenses



Total Expenses


Financial Aid & Scholarship4



Financial Aid & Scholarship4


Total ECA



Total ECA


Tuition & Fees in the ECA table include Tuition and General Fee only

Food, Housing & Utilities: This cost is estimated based on the following assumptions:

Living with family: Family absorbs most of this cost, groceries are estimated at a minimum of $150 per month; housing is estimated at $200 per

Living independently at an off-campus non-college housing: Groceries are estimated at $200 per month; rent and utilities are estimated at $400per

Transportation: This cost is estimated based on the following assumptions:

Living with family: travelling to campus 5 days a week at $30 gas expense per week.

Off-Campus Non-College housing: traveling to campus 5 days at $15 gas expense per

Financial Aid & Scholarship: This is based on a student receiving an Academic Scholarship. Students who qualify for other financial aid & scholarshipsmay further subtract the award from the Total ECA above.

Health Insurance: The cost of Health Insurance is not included in the above Estimated Cost of Attendance. For health insurance requirement enquiries, pleasecontact the Office of Admissions.

Other Incidental charges

Other Incidental Charges for 2022-2023*

Description                                                                            Cost
Application Fee $50
New Student Orientation Fee $65
Late Registration Fee $50
Late Payment Fee $25 Balance under $500 $75 Balance over $500
Bounced Check Fee $30
Transcript Fee $10
Transcript Expedite Fee $30
ID Card Replacement Fee $10
Cash Handling Fee (for cash payments over $200) $10

*Fees are subject to change at the discretion of the college

Other Program-Related Expenses

Books, Supplies, and Attires

All students are responsible for acquiring their own books and supplies, such expense varies amongst students and is not billed through the college. Students may refer to course faculty and departments for requirements.

Meal Plans

Students may register for meal plans. Meal Plan options are outlined below. Students without meal plans may dine at the   Cafeteria for the cash meal price.

Meal Plan Options for 2022-2023

Meal Plan Options                                                                        Cost
 Per Semester Fall or SpringAnnually Fall & Spring
Mon-Fri Meal Plans  
M-F Breakfast Meal Plan$330$660
M-F Lunch Meal Plan$660$1,320
M-F Dinner Meal Plan$660$1,320
Mon-Sat Meal Plans  
M-S Lunch Meal Plan$790$1,580
One Day Meal Plans (Multiple days may be selected)  
One Day Breakfast Meal Plan$85$170
One Day Lunch Meal Plan$150$300
One Day Dinner Meal Plan$150$300

Payment of Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are normally due one week before the semester or session begins.

For students who wish to pay tuition and expenses on a monthly basis, the college offers a payment plan. Please contact  Student Financial Services( for additional information.

A late payment fee will be assessed if the student account balance is not satisfied by the due date. Students will not be allowed to register for classes,receive their diploma or an official transcript with an outstanding balance. A late registration fee will be charged to all returning students who register on or after the first day of the semester or session. Past due accounts are subject to collection costs. For more information, please refer toTable 4.3A Other incidental charges for 2022-2023.

Billing & Payment Due Dates

Students who register for courses will receive a bill from the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) according to the schedule listed in Table 4.6A.

The student’s bill shows charges and credits for the upcoming academic year and any prior balance in the student’s financial account. Studentsmust pay both the current semester and prior balances in order for their registrations to be processed.

Billing & Payment Schedule

 Registration DueExpect bills via emailPayment Due
Full-Time Student2 weeks before the academic      yearor session begins2 weeks before the academic year or session begins1 week before the semester or session begins
Part-Time Student

2 weeks before the academic

year or session begins

within 2 weeks of course selection1 week from date of bill
Special Processing within 2 weeks of admitted date orcourse election1 week from date of bill
Late Registration within 5 business days of complete andaccepted enrollmentfirst day of class attendance

How to Pay

Payments may be made by mail or in person to the Office of Student Financial Services. Checks should be made payable to Fei Tian College. Debit and Credit cards are not accepted at this time.

Pay by Check: Payments are accepted by the Cashier at the Reception located on:

 First Floor, 1 Ashley Ave., Middletown, NY 10940. ATTN: SFS

Please indicate the Student ID & Name on the check memo. When the check is processed as an E-Check, it will show ACH Collection from Fei Tian College in the bank statement transaction.

Pay via ACH: Students on a multi-payment plan are required to use the ACH payment method unless otherwise approved by the Finance office. You must provide the college with an ACH authorization detailing this at the time of multi-payment plan selection


Tuition Refund Policy


Withdrawal from the College

In the event of withdrawal from the College, the student must submit a completed Withdrawal Request Form to the Registrar. The date of withdrawal will be determined by the date received in the Registrar’s Office. Non-attendance does not automatically withdraw a student from the College, and students continue to be responsible for any outstanding accounts, and any academic penalty resulting from non-attendance.

Dropped Courses

Dropping from a course is the student’s responsibility. The student must drop the course by submitting a completed Course Add/Drop Form to the Registrar’s Office. The date of dropped courses will be determined by the date approved by the student’s advisor. Non-attendance does not automatically withdraw a student from a course, and students continue to be responsible for any outstanding accounts, and any academic penalty resulting from non-attendance.

Any student who drops below 12 credits (undergraduate full-time status) or 9 credits (graduate full-time status) will risk losing full-time financial aid and have the award adjusted accordingly.

Refund Schedule

All charges will be dropped if a student withdraws completely from the College or from certain courses during the first two weeks of classes. Thereafter, refunds will be made as follows:

Tuition Refund Schedule for Withdrawal from the College and Dropping Courses

Amount of Refund                               Undergraduate and Graduate
100% of tuition and feesBefore/Within the first two weeks of classes
50% of tuition onlyFrom Week 3 to Week 4 of classes
No RefundAfter Week 4 of classes

Annulled Registration

Students who take a leave of absence from the College voluntarily before the first day of classes may have their registration annulled. Tuition and fees are refunded in full. Such students are not included in College records as having registered for that semester, and new students will not secureany privileges for admission for any subsequent semester as returning students.

Cancellation of Registration or Suspension for Cause

For a student whose registration is canceled or who is suspended for cause from the College, tuition refunds follow the schedule in Table 4.7, unless specified otherwise in the disciplinary action taken.

The College hopes every student will be successful. However, if a student’s behavior is severely disruptive to the campus, or if, after considerable deliberation, he or she is judged by the College Judicial Committee to pose a danger to others, he or she will be asked to leave. The College may offer such a student the chance to complete coursework and earn credit off-campus. Alternatively, the College may offer a tuition refund in accordance with Table 4.7A.

Leave of Absence

A matriculated student in good standing who is granted a leave of absence for personal circumstances may be entitled to a refund of applicable tuition as described in Table 4.7. An approved leave of absence maintains a student’s matriculated status during the leave period. Students who have been granted leave are not required to apply for readmission to register for their return semester.

A student who departs campus without first going through the official process to request leave at the Office of Student Affairs, however, will be deemed to have attended the semester as far as tuition and fee charges and refunds are concerned.

Official Withdrawal

Official withdrawal removes a student from his or her academic program and removes the student’s matriculated status. Students who do not plan to return to the College must notify the Office of the Registrar and complete the official withdrawal procedures. Such students may be entitled to a refund of applicable tuition as described in Table 4.7A. Fees are not refundable after the first day of the semester.

Administrative Withdrawal

Degree-seeking students who have not attended courses and have failed to request an official Leave of Absence may be administratively withdrawn by the College and must apply for readmission through the Office of Admissions to continue studies toward a degree. If the student is subject to the Administrative Withdrawal, the effective date of the withdrawal is defined as the last known date of attendance, which may affect a student’s tuition bill and/or financial aid awards.

Petition for Refund

Under extenuating circumstances, students may petition for a refund of tuition. Fees are non-refundable. Petitions should be submitted to Student Financial Services to be reviewed by a committee.

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