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Quality Education,
Affordable Tuition

At FTC  Middletown, students enjoy a student-faculty ratio of 5:1.

Our professors range from distinguished scholars in their fields, to highly accomplished professionals with real-world industry experience. All of our professors are truly dedicated to the success of our students. You will receive individual attention from each professor, and tutoring sessions with professors are common at FTC Middletown.

All of this comes without a hefty tuition burden. Our cost of attendance is significantly less than that of many private colleges. We offer merit and needs-based aid, and students residing in Orange County receive additional scholarships.*

Explore Our In-demand Science Programs

Have you thought about an education in one of the most in-demand industries in today’s job market?

Learn more about Data Science and Biomedical Science

Explore our Timeless Fine Arts Programs

Have a passion for dance? Want to immerse yourself in the artistry and culture of both Classical Ballet and Classical Chinese Dance? Turn your passion into a career as a dancer, educator, or choreographer.

Learn more about our Bachelor of Fine Arts in Arts Management, Fine Arts and Design, as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Dance.

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CALL NOW for a personal tour of the campus, and experience what college life is like at FTC Middletown. You will also have a chance to talk to our faculty and staff.