Credit for Prior Learning

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The College offers matriculated students the opportunity to receive academic credit for documented prior college-level learning acquired through previous study or through non-classroom experiences.

Prior learning may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Credit transfer from another institution
  • Credit by examination
  • Credit by portfolio evaluation

The awarding of prior learning credit is conditioned on the following:

  • The student must be matriculated at Fei Tian College.
  • Prior learning must not duplicate or overlap previous coursework, or diminish the rigor of the program.
  • Credit from prior learning is not included in calculating grade point average.
  • The total number of credits awarded for prior learning may not exceed 50 percent of the credits required for graduation.

The determination of credit for prior learning is ultimately made by the Director of Admissions and the department Chairs.

For more information about credit for prior learning, contact the Office of Admissions.

Credit Transfer

Students may apply for transfer of credit earned at other institutions, including institutions accredited by U.S. Department of Education-recognized accrediting bodies, degree-granting institutions authorized by the NYS Board of Regents, and colleges and universities outside of the U.S. that are recognized by Fei Tian College.

Transfer of credit is subject to the following conditions:

  • The credit must carry a grade of at least C+ for general education courses and at least B for courses in the student’s area of study. Pass/no pass credit is not transferable unless a pass/no pass option also exists at Fei Tian for the equivalent course.
  • The other institution offering the course allows it to be taken for credit toward the equivalent degree.
  • The course offered at the other institution is substantially similar in content and rigor to the course at Fei Tian: i.e., (1) covers at least 75 percent of the same course material; (2) yields at least the same number of credits as does the equivalent course at Fei Tian; (3) includes requirements for comparable graded assignments/exams; and (4) uses a comparable textbook (if applicable).
  • In computing transfer credits, quarter credits shall be converted to semester credits. Unless specified otherwise, one quarter credit equals two-thirds of a semester credit (e.g., 3 quarter credits equal 2 semester credits).

Students may request a transfer of credit from another institution by submitting a Transfer Credit Form to the Office of Admissions and Records, together with an official transcript, course descriptions and syllabi of the courses for which transfer credit is sought, and any other information the College requires to conduct a proper evaluation.

Approved transfer credits will appear on Fei Tian College transcripts within approximately four weeks of official receipt of the request.

Award of Credit for AP/CLEP/IB Exams

Fei Tian recognizes standardized exams, including Advanced Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Examinations, and International Baccalaureate (IB). To request credit by standardized exam, the student must submit a written request to the Director of Admissions and Records and order an official score report to be sent to the Office of Admissions and Records. A student may earn credit from a maximum of five standardized exams. Approved credit(s) by standardized exam will appear on the student’s transcript within approximately four weeks of receipt of the official score report(s).

Credit by Portfolio Evaluation

Students may develop a portfolio for credit to document experiential learning acquired through professional, creative, volunteer, or other experiences, to be assessed by faculty or equivalent subject area experts.

This type of learning may be recognized for college credit if it can be verified that the learning for which credit is sought is equivalent in level and nature to the learning acquired in FTC Middletown programs. The College has adopted the following policies regarding requests for credit for prior experiential learning:

  • Award of credit based on prior experiential learning must be based on courses offered at the College.
  • Prior experiential learning must be rigorously assessed by a committee of two or more college faculty members with expertise in the subject area as recommended by the Office of Academic Affairs in consultation with the Chair of the Department related to the relevant courses.
  • Comprehensive records of evaluations and credit decisions shall be maintained by the College, specifying the experience for which credit was awarded, the method(s) of assessment, the names and titles of faculty members and administrators who recommended approval of credit, and the number of credits awarded.
  • Sufficient information shall be entered on the student transcript to enable Registrars at other institutions or employers to understand the basis for the award of the credit.

Evaluations of prior experiential learning are made through portfolio assessment based on evidence of outstanding achievement that requires the mastering of a topic. The committee must verify that the experiential learning indeed has occurred and that the learning is equivalent in level and nature to the learning acquired in College programs.

Award of Credit by College Exams

Students who are enrolled as matriculated students may earn course credit by passing examinations administered by academic departments. These exams are comparable to final examinations. Departments determine whether to administer such examinations for their courses. The College examination credit will not be awarded for exams that duplicate a college course, or its equivalent, for which a student has previously received credit. The college examination credit will not be awarded for exams when a student has completed more advanced study beyond the level covered by an exam. Students applying for these exams cannot be graduating seniors. Students should meet with an advisor to verify their eligibility for exams by filing the Application for Undergraduate Credit by Examination. Students must also talk to the academic departments about the availability of exams and then follow instructions on the application form.

Limits on Transfer Credits

For all applicants and students at FTC Middletown, the total number of transfer credits granted cannot exceed 50 percent of the total credits required for graduation.