Remedial Courses

OAS currently offers the following remedial courses to prepare students with the necessary skills to enter college-level English and math. All remedial courses are non-credit bearing.


ESL is designed to help non-native English speaking students develop the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills essential to functioning in a college environment in the United States. It is a Pass/Fail course.

Introduction to College English

This course is for high-functioning ESL students and students who need additional assistance in grammar and writing. The class also teaches students college-readiness skills such as note-taking and active reading. It is designed to help students in college composition and reading. The course also reviews grammar. It is a Pass/Fail course. It may be taken concurrently with the freshman English course ENG103 Effective English to give students extra support.


This course is offered as a Pass/Fail course designed to give students the skills necessary to enter MAT105 Calculus I.

Career Services


Through the practicum, students can earn credits toward their degree and gain invaluable experience with a professional company. The practicum is primarily arranged through the Department with a practicum advisor within the College.

OAS also works with the Department Chairs to ensure that all Practicum Preceptors evaluate students’ performance and conduct.

Career Services

OAS currently offers the following career services to enrolled students:

  • Individual Career Consultations: to help students with job search, resume writing, making connections, and preparing for job interviews
  • Career Mentor: for students who might benefit from having someone guide them through their career decisions
  • Career Seminars and Workshops
      • Internship and potential employer information
      • Information related to career opportunities, job training, job trends, and so on
      • Alumni databasesJob Information Services

Student Assessment

Students at FTC Middletown are expected to spend time during their college careers participating in college-wide outcomes assessment activities, such as surveys, interviews, and tests.

Eligibility for Directed Study

Eligibility for directed study is dependent on having completed any and all prerequisites for the course and, in the case of an elective course, having maintained the requisite cumulative GPA for the degree (at least 2.0 for undergraduate degrees, at least 3.0 for graduate degrees); the GPA requirement is waived if the course is required for the degree (e.g., DAN453 Independent Study in Dance Production).

Course Proposals for Independent Study

Independent study requires a course outline developed by the student in consultation with an appropriate instructor who is willing to supervise the student’s work. Completed course proposals must be submitted to the Office of Academic Services for review in the semester before the intended study takes place. Approval by the appropriate department Chair and the academic advisor is required. Approved outlines will serve as the official course description.

Credit Award Guidelines

  • A directed or independent study course ordinarily carries one to four credits, with a maximum of six credits. One credit requires approximately 30-40 hours of study.
  • No more than two independent study courses and one directed study course can be taken in a single semester.
  • A maximum of 18 credits in directed and/or independent study may be counted toward a student’s requirements for graduation.