Fine Arts and Design


Fine Arts and Design

Art is meant to uplift the soul and act a vessel for communications between the artist and the audience. The proposed program is designed to produce artists steeped in classical drawing and painting techniques with traditional principles of aesthetics, all within a rigorous academic setting. The program gives students the ability to either practice the art of painting in the classical form, or apply the beauty and positivity of classical fine arts perspectives in design and creativity.

BFA in Fine Arts and Design 
Undergraduate Program

The Fine Arts and Design program will offer two concentrations: oil painting and graphic design. Depending on the chosen concentration, students will develop the ability to either practice the art of painting in the classical form, or apply the beauty of classical fine arts perspectives to their design and creativity—something that is seeing a resurgence in our society today. 

      • Oil Painting 

      • Graphic Design

Oil Painting

Undergraduate program

Graphic Design

Undergraduate program

Fine Arts and Design Faculty

Dan Pelonis Associate Professor
M.F.A. in painting, New York Academy of Art, 2005

Mr. Pelonis has 12 years of teaching experience at art schools and/or art programs at colleges and universities. An accomplished artist, Mr. Pelonis is an Elizabeth Greenshields grant recipient (2010). He is also an active painter, and his works have been accepted by numerous exhibitions in Northern America and internationally.


Jieqing Zhou Assistant Professor, Program Director
Diploma of graphics specialist, Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Russia, 2015
Evaluated as equivalent to an MFA in Fine Arts.

Ms. Zhou received rigorous training in traditional painting and drawing at the Repin Academy of Fine Arts in Russia for 7 years. Her work has been accepted by the Repin Institute Museum, with over 20 paintings kept by the institute for their archives.


Jian Hu Assistant Professor
Master of Architecture, University of Arizona, 2003

Mr. Hu has extensive industry experience in architectural design, and was the Grand Prize winner of the 2002 ACADIA international architecture design competition.

In a career that spans over two decades, Jian Hu has not only honed his skills as a seasoned designer, he has also accumulated a wide range of related expertise, including in print and video production.


Lina O. Zuur  Instructor
M.P.S. in UX design, Maryland Institute College of Arts, 2020
Bachelor of visual arts, Universidad `de Ciudad Juárez (UACJ), Mexico, 2006

Ms. Zuur is an accomplished visual artist with leadership experience in the arts. She is currently pursuing a Master of professional studies degree in user experience design at the Maryland Institute College of Arts, and has experience teaching arts courses at various levels.


Rui Li Teaching Specialist
Core Program, Grand Central Atelier, 2018

Ms. Li is an emerging fine artist, choosing to develop her classical artistic skills in the traditional atelier setting. She completed a highly selective four-year Core Program at the Grand Central Atelier (GCA) in New York, established by American realist painter Jacob Collins, a leading figure in the classical art revival. The GCA is well recognized as one of the top fine arts programs in the United States. 

During her time at the GCA, Ms. Li progressed through the three segments of the Core Program by demonstrating skills acquired in each segment: Drawing, Painting, and Advanced Studies. The program is studio-intensive and immersive in progressively building fundamental fine arts skills and perspectives.

Upon completing her studies at GCA, Ms. Li stayed to teach at the atelier, including third and fourth-year courses in painting and portrait sketch.