M.S. in Data Science


Graduate Program

In an environment where digitization permeates both society and economy at an exponentially growing pace, the capabilities of data collection, processing, and mining with massive data volume have become the new industrial norm. Big data ranks among the most fascinating challenges for all types of organizations and businesses are asking increasingly complex questions across blended data sets consisting of structured and unstructured information. Consequently, data scientists, data analysts and other related jobs are in increasing demand, creating an unmet shortage since the mid-2010s.

For companies across all sectors, data science helps them understand their business to make better decisions. For example, healthcare organizations rely on data science to collect information on diseases and provide better solutions in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Data science is also indispensable to the media industry to aggregate and analyze social or natural trends for more targeted reporting.

The local, national, and global demand for skilled data scientists will continue to grow. The M.S. in Data Science program at Fei Tian College–Middletown prepares graduates to enter this exciting field with the capability to tackle real-world problems in the industry of their interest. Our program provides thorough understanding of advanced theories, proficiency in state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, as well as analytical thinking capabilities to apply appropriate methods in practice to solve problems.

FTC–Middletown also supports students with remedial and pre-requisite courses with our undergraduate Data Science program. Along with small class sizes, knowledgeable and helpful faculty and convenience location close to New York City, our program will prepare you for an exciting and bright career in this ever-changing era of “Bigger and Bigger Data”.

Program Highlights 

Graduate students in Data Science Department can have the opportunity to conduct original research, complete a capstone project, and interact with our industry partners and top-notch faculty. Our interdisciplinary curriculum consists of 10 courses (31 credits):

      • 5 core courses
      • 4 elective courses
      • 1 capstone project course (thesis optional; replaces capstone)

Our program covers four major aspects of data science: cutting-edge computational techniques, statistical methods, data processing and storage, and practical applications (the capstone project). The program adopts a balanced composition of the various fields that contribute to the field of data science, so that students can grasp the essential theories, methods and skills as well as properly integrate and synthesize them for data analysis and application.

Career Prospect

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, data science related jobs are projected to be among the 20 fastest growing occupations in the United States between 2019-2029, with a growth rate of 31 percent and a median pay of $98,230 per year in 2020. FTCM’s master program prepares graduates toward data science related professionals including but not limited to:

      • Data Scientist
      • Data Engineer
      • Data Analyst
      • Statistician
      • Machine Learning Scientist
      • Machine Learning Engineer
      • Business Analyst
      • Data and Analytics Manager


Both full-time and part-time students must complete all 31 credits within four years of enrolling as a MS candidate in Data Science.

Students must take the following five core courses (unless waived by the course review process):
Code Courses Credit
DAS401 Fundamentals of Data Science 3
DAS422 Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization 3
STA411 Probability and Inference 3
CIS543 Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing 3
CIS536 Machine Learning for Data Science 3
Students must also select 4 courses from the following courses: 
Code Courses Credit
CIS431 Modern Applied Statistical Learning 3
CIS441 Cloud Computing and Big Data 3
DAS421 Sample Survey and Customer Analytics 3
DAS441 Data Mining for Business 3
STA421 Design and Analysis of Experiments and Quality Control 3
STA441 Survival Analysis 3
STA531 Multivariate Analysis 3
STA535 Bayesian Analysis 3
STA545 Nonparametric Statistics 3
Finally, all students must complete the capstone project:
Code Courses Credit
DAS561 Capstone Project 4


Fei Tian College–Middletown will offer a limited number of tuition scholarships to qualified students admitted to the program. All applicants for admission will be considered for these awards on a competitive basis. These scholarships will cover a portion of the tuition costs for up to one and half years.