Data Science Department


Data Science Department 

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that applies principles of mathematics, statistics, and computer science to investigate various data sets and to extract actionable insights from these data sets.

Today, data science is commonly applied to derive valuable insights from data in domains such as biotech, IT, health care, business, finance, manufacturing, transportation, government and environmental study.

With billions of searches and petabytes of data circling the globe, being able to gain insight from data has become increasingly important. 

Data scientists must not only master diverse skills in data management, analysis, forecasting, and interpretation, but they must also possess critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. They are among the most sought-after in market and have been ranked as one of the best job in USA by Glassdoor in the past few years. 

Bachelor of Science in Data Science

The Data Science Department currently offers a Bachelor of Science in Data Science degree with the following two concentrations.

Master of Science in Data Science


Data Science

Graduate program

Data Science Faculty

The faculty members in the Department of Data Science are committed and experienced educators representing expertise in a broad range of areas within the field. They have taught within their respective disciplines and have extensive professional experience in areas in which Data Science has wide application, including various parts of financial industry, health and pharmaceutical industries, creative industries, etc. Their commitment to the professional, academic and personal development of students is an asset to Fei Tian College and to the success of the Data Science program.


Kevin Ren Professor, Data Science Department Chair
PhD, Statistics, University of Missouri, 2001

(845) 204-8839

Dr. Ren joined Fei Tian College–Middletown in 2017 and is one of the founding professors of the Department of Data Science. He has more than 20 years of teaching and research experience related to theories and applications of statistics. 

Dr. Ren served as an Associate Professor at South Dakota State University until 2013, teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level, and providing statistical consultation to university scientists, graduate students and other university personnel. He also has industry experience with the US Postal Service as a mathematical statistician.

Zheng Qu Associate Professor
PhD, Atmospheric Science, University of Chicago, 1999

(845) 204-8839

Dr. Qu brings 20 years of the Data Analytics research experience in academics as well as in industry. He served as a research scientist at the Center for Study of the Earth from Space in the University of Colorado at Boulder from 1999-2002.

Dr. Qu joined NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in 2003, and then in 2005 he signed on with Raytheon Company as a Senior Physics Engineer, jointly working at NASA-JPL. His research features satellite data simulation, statistical modeling and Earth science data analysis. 


James Yu Assistant Professor
PhD, Fluid Mechanics, Rutgers University, 2014

(845) 204-8839

Dr. Yu has had over 10 years of research experience in mathematical modeling of a variety of biophysical problems. He published multiple papers in top journals such as Physical Review Letters, as well as a book chapter.

Dr. Yu was also engaged in both undergraduate and graduate teaching in fundamental mathematics, numerical analysis and mathematical modeling during a postdoctoral program at Rutgers University. His current research interest is the application of machine learning methods to medical data and image analysis.

Samuel Zhou Associate Professor
PhD, Computer Science, Rutgers University, 1996 

Dr. Zhou has more than 20 years of university teaching and research experience related to computer science.  

Dr. Zhou served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania from 1998 to 2002. He then served as an Adjunct Professor in Computer Science at Rutgers University till 2019.

Zhanglin Lin Cui Adjunct Professor
PhD, Statistical Genetics, North Carolina State University, 1999

Dr. Cui is a Research Advisor at Eli Lilly and Company. He leads Oncology Real World Analytics group in health outcomes and economics research.

Dr. Cui had 20 years’ experiences in genetic research to improve soybean resistance to diseases and insects, 8 years in food-producing and companion animal clinical trials, and most recent 12 years in human health outcomes research and late phase clinical trials. He authored more than 200 publications.

Suman Srinivasan Adjunct Associate Professor
PhD, Computer Science, Columbia University, 2011

Dr. Suman Srinivasan is a senior software engineer at Microsoft, and previously worked at Merrill Lynch (Bank of America), Goldman Sachs and a number of startup companies. He has worked in the application of data science to the financial and technology industries for the past 6 years. Suman has co-authored two patents, along with more than ten research publications in IEEE and ACM conferences from his Ph.D. research.