Arts Management in Performing Arts


Undergraduate Program

For their performing arts concentration, students will study fundamental techniques in dance or music, as well as related history and theory. Graduates from this concentration may seek careers in performing arts organizations or similar settings.

Career Outlook

The overall job prospect for graduates majoring in Arts Management is steady. Students with a B.F.A. in Arts Management concentrate in Performing Arts have a wide variety of career options, including:

      • Art Administrator
      • Art Consultant
      • Show Coordinator
      • Artist & Repertoire Person
      • Artist Representative
      • Artistic Director
      • Booking Agent
      • Box Office Manager
      • Budget Director
      • Business Manager
      • Company Manager
      • Development Coordinator
      • Director of Education
      • Director of Press & Community Relations
      • Education Coordinator
      • Fundraiser
      • Marketing 
      • Media Relations
      • Performing Arts Manager
      • Production Manager
      • Program Director
      • Promoter
      • Public Relations Personnel
      • Special Events Coordinator
      • Talent Agent
      • Theatre Director
How to Apply

Learn more about standard college admissions: take me to the admission application! 

Curriculum Overview

The proposed curriculum for the BFA in Arts Management is a 120-semester credit program with three main components: major requirements (79 credits), general education core (32 credits), and free electives (9 credits).

Major Core Courses (79 Credits)

The major requirement consists of management core courses, major electives, and arts concentration courses. Management core provides students with training in business management, marketing, finance and accounting, as well as non-profit organization fundraising. 

Management Core (27 Credits) 


Course Code Course Title Credit(s)
ACC221 Financial Accounting 3 None
ACC222 Managerial Accounting 3 ACC221
AMG335 Fundraising for the Arts 3 None
AMG431 Business Plan Development 3 MKT201 & ACC222
BUS121 Fundamentals of Arts Management 3 None
BUS225 Finance for the Arts 3 None
BUS331 Arts and Entertainment Law 3 None
MGM331 Organizational Behavior 3 None
MKT201 Principles of Marketing 3 None
Major Electives (18 Credits) 

Choose a minimum of 9 Cr from the following list and the rest from either the following list or any ARH, ART, DRP, DSG, DAN, DAB, MUS course(s) in upper division


Course Code Course Title Credit(s)
AMG334 Public Relations for the Arts 3 None
BUS312 Digital Marketing for Artists 3 None
CIS101 Introduction to Computing 3 None
ECO211 Microeconomics 3 ECO101
ENG304 Writing for Media 3 ENG103
HRM301 Introduction to Human Resource Management 3 None
MGM432 Managing and Leading Organizations 3 MKT201
Senior Synthesis and Career Development (4 Credits)


Course Code Course Title Credit(s)
AMG455 Senior Project 4 Dept. Approval
AMG459 Arts Management Practicum 4 Dept. Approval
AMG469 Arts Management Internship 4 Dept. Approval
Art Form: Performing Arts (30 Credits)
History, Theory, and Literature
Course Code Course Title Credit(s)
ARH101 Art History I 3 None
ART221 Debate and Argumentation 3 ENG103

Select a minimum of 9 Cr from the following course(s):

Course Code Course Title Credit(s)
DAN131 Performing and Acting 1 None
DAN232 Dance Kinesiology 2 None
DAN242 History of Dance: East and West 3 None
DAN311A Dance Pedagogy I 2 None
MUS111A Western Music Theory A 2 None
MUS111B Western Music Theory B 2 MUS111A
MUS240A History of Western Music A 2 None
MUS240B History of Western Music B 2 MUS240A
Techniques and Practices

Select a minimum of 15Cr from the following course(s):

Course Code Course Title Credit(s)
DAB101R Fundamentals of Classical Ballet I 6 None
DAB201R Fundamentals of Classical Ballet II 6 DAB101R
DAB301R Fundamentals of Classical Ballet III 6 DAB201R
DAN121R Introduction to Repertoire of Dance 2 None
DAB221R Repertory and Rehearsal I: Ballet 3 DAN121R
DAB312A Choreography I: Classical Ballet 2 None
DAN101R Fundamentals of Classical Chinese Dance I 6 None
DAN201R Fundamentals of Classical Chinese Dance II 6 DAN101R
DAN301R Fundamentals of Classical Chinese Dance III 6 DAN201R
DAN221R Repertory and Rehearsal I: Classical Chinese Dance 2 DAN121R
DAN312A Choreography I: Classical Chinese Dance 2 None
MUS102 Keyboard Skills 2 None
MUS202 Advanced Keyboard Skills 2 MUS102


General Education Core (32 credits) 

All undergraduate students, regardless of their major, are required to acquire certain essential knowledge and skill sets by taking courses from the General Education Core. 

Students in the BFA in Fine Arts and Design program will achieve the “Natural Science,” “Arts & Aesthetics,” and “Health & Wellness” requirements through their major courses. 

As a result, a remainder of 32 general education credits will be needed to meet the general education requirements.

Free Electives (6 credits)

Students are free to choose 6 credits from any college level courses offered by the College.

Graduation Requirement 

The academic requirements for graduation are the successful completion of the curriculum with a grade point average of no less than 2.0. In addition, a graduate must have taken at least 50 percent of all courses from Fei Tian College.